cWatch Web

All-in-one managed Security-as-a-Service solution backed by security experts.
As website and data breaches dominate international headlines at an alarming rate, cyber security has become a giant concern for any business online-large or small.
Luckily there's now a simple solution. Introducing cWatch Web, a comprehensive website Security-as-a-Service solution built on Comodo's 20 year foundation of unmatched security intelligence and experience that includes a team of GIAC certified security engineers fully-equipped to remediate any threat for you.

Since online threats are rampant, you're probably next...

All you need is a security system and people in place to continually monitor, detect, neutralize and remediate all threats. Sounds expensive, right? Well typically, yes! Building a system, then hiring an internal IT security team to identify risks and respond to incidents and events across your web applications is completely out of range for most companies. That's why most companies try not to think about it and do nothing.
We know that's not the right move. Luckily, Comodo finally figured out a way to leverage its technology, intelligence and expertise from 20+ years in the cyber security space to solve this problem with an extremely affordable comprehensive cloud-based security platform to identify, isolate, remediate and recover from threats. It's called cWatch Web and it's all you need to be prepared for anything.

What exactly is cWatch Web?

It's a managed Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud backed by human expertise for deep analysis & insight into your security and compliance posture. cWatch Web provides 24/7 security monitoring and management to keep any IT environment safe from suspicious and malicious activity.
It's a fast setup, low-maintenance solution for any budget that instantly puts your mind at ease and allows you to remain focused on your core business. It even comes with a cool dashboard to follow along.
Immediate cWatch Web benefits:

  • Satisfy Gap in Security.
  • Add GIAC Certified Analysts.
  • Reduce IT Risk & Costs.
  • Become Prepared for an Attack.
  • Establish Recovery Plans & Protocols.
  • Instant Compliance to PCI DSS 6.6.
  • 24/7/365 Web Security Protection.

cWatch Web INSTANTLY enhances your security arsenal

The foundation of true 24/7 website security, monitoring & protection begins at its core:
CSOC - Cyber Security Operations Center; Many highly-trained certified security analysts leveraging Comodo's technology to watch over your website and manually intervene at any sign of a threat. It's like ADT home security, but for your website.
CDN - Content Delivery Network; Tap into Comodo's fully secure global CDN to cache and ensure you’re delivering lightning-fast content to users from Comodo's closest datacenter PoPs. This will boost SEO rankings, protect content and ensure delivery with traffic spikes or DDoS.
WAF - Web Application Firewall; This intrusion prevention system intercepts and inspects incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests and filters out any malicious requests before they arrive at your server and includes automatic virtual patching and engines that offer real-time mitigation of threats.
SIEM - Security Information & Event Management; Provides actionable data using Comodo’s artificial intelligence to collect logs and analyze events to prioritize threats in real-time. This SIEM senses, identifies and tracks changes in network behavior then provides context for easier investigation.

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